Two Champions Automate Your Stock Management:

A+W Smart Companion and A+W Gantry Interface Work Hand-in-Hand

Published on 25 June 2021

After the production module of the A+W Smart Companion, now with the 'Stock & Inventory' module, there is also a version available for paperless stock management and inventory. Smart devices serve as scanner hardware to enter incoming and outgoing stock, rebookings, and changes, and to display inventory on clear dashboards.

A smartphone and the A+W Smart Companion software are used to scan a barcode from a pane of glass.Are you using automated glass storage and you would like to integrate it into your digital stock management? Then you can achieve the greatest, most reliable synchronization and have precise control over your inventories in the glass storage if you use 'A+W Smart Companion Stock & Inventory‘ in conjunction with the A+W Gantry Interface.

What's the inventory in the portal stock?
Intelligent interfaces are the invisible champions in smart factories. They enable complex Industry 4.0 communication networks and ensure that information is always available where it is needed.

One such useful new interface is the A+W Gantry Interface. You can use it to synchronize inventories in glass storage systems from Hegla and Lisec with the commercial A+W systems A+W Business Pro and A+W Enterprise. The user can specify the interval for synchronization.

Picture of a glass storage rack with glass panes.

The actual inventories in the glass storage are always depicted in the stock module of the ERP system and the 'A+W Smart Companion Stock & Inventory module' uses these figures. This way, you are always working with current stock data; there are no over or understocks. Time-consuming synchronization, deviating inventories, and manual corrections of the glass stock in the base glass storage are now a thing of the past. Stock management was never so ergonomic and secure.

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