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A+W Software Celebrates It's Innovative Software Solutions at GlassBuild America 2021

Published on 29 September 2021

ROSEMONT, ILLINOIS – September 29, 2021 – Visitors to A+W Software’s booth at GlassBuild America in Atlanta, Georgia, received hands-on experience using two of A+W’s innovative software solutions: A+W iShape and A+W iQuote.

According to John Staiano, COO of A+W Software North America, “GlassBuild America 2021 exceeded our expectations. Visitors to our booth were motivated to learn and experience how A+W’s software solutions can help their company succeed in a difficult, pandemic-induced environment. As per usual, GlassBuild delivered an immediate return on investment for A+W as visitors gained knowledge about our software solutions, allowed us to meet new prospects, and demonstrated our new products all while staying safe.”

At GlassBuild, we saw four major trends: quality over quantity, software as a solution, smarter machines, and energy/enthusiasm.

Tackling the first and fourth points, according to Josh Rudd, the head of sales for A+W in North America, “visitors and companies attending GlassBuild America came with enthusiastic purpose to address a need they see at their company is struggling with, whether it is training, labor shortage, supply chain issues, or something else.”

As our industries continue to experience significant changes whether it is the labor shortage or the pandemic, A+W Software is working, according to John, “to enable companies to greater success through software as a solution. Two such products we highlighted this year were A+W iShape or A+W iQuote. For example, A+W iQuote for glass and window/door manufacturers is a game changer that allows your customers, salespeople, and even internal order-entry employees to configure and automate quotes, place orders, generate documentation, and communicate status all in real time.

Addressing point #3, “as machines become smarter and able to accomplish more with fewer workers, software plays a pivotal role in allowing the machines to work in unison. A+W partners with most all machine manufacturers from around the globe, allowing us to interface and guide any machine our customers purchase. This empowers our customers to make their factory smarter and more efficient,” according to Josh.

Other products that garnered attention at GlassBuild America included A+W Smart Companion, A+W Cantor Enterprise, A+W Business, A+W BusinessPro, and A+W Production.

GlassBuild America took place September 13-15 in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Georgia World Congress Center. National Glass Magazine, the event organizer and host, reports that over 5,100 people attended this year’s 3-day event.

Next year’s GlassBuild America takes place October 18-20 in Las Vegas, Nevada. We look forward to seeing you there!

About A+W Software

Founded in 1977, A+W Software develops innovative comprehensive solutions for the glass, windows, and doors industry. With software solutions for the commercial sector and production, we help to optimize processes permanently in both sectors of the industry. We develop ERP-, PPS-, and optimization software in order to make glass, window, and door manufacturers even more efficient. Visit www.A-W.com/us for more information.

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