Five Reasons to Attend GlassBuild America 2022

Published on 08 August 2022

With GlassBuild America fast approaching, it is time to think about the benefits of attending and how those benefits will grow your company’s profits. There are at least five ways attending expositions, such as GlassBuild America, can help grow your company’s profits.


First, adding and assessing new product lines allows you to address changing consumer tastes. More than 450 companies are expected to exhibit in Las Vegas from October 18-20. This gives you the opportunity to take a better look at new product lines (glass, windows, doors, etc.), participate in hands-on demonstrations, ask in-depth questions, and locate new innovations that will shape the future of your company and the industry. One of these new products has the potential to enable your company’s growth into the future.


Second, the exposition will help you invest in capital equipment. With more than 100,000 square feet of show floor space dedicated to equipment for glass, window, and door fabrication, you can physically touch the equipment allowing you to make an informed buying decision and potentially receive a deal on the GlassBuild floor model.


Third, your supply chain has been beaten up over the last two years, so think about strengthening it through face-to-face relationships you can build on the exposition floor. How can building new supply chain relationships or strengthening old ones help deepen your competitive mote? For more information on supply chains and the essential question on how “supposedly compare” products can be sourced from her supplies, I highly recommend the June 3, 2022 article written by Eric Thompson of Quanex Building Products entitled “The Value of a Full-Service Supplier.” It is important to remember when researching for alternative/”supposedly comparable” products how these substitutions will be met by your customers and “elevate” your business, according to Eric.


Finally, GlassBuild is a prime opportunity to educate yourself on new technology (Point #4) and to build your workforce (Point #5), two factors that are important as you lead your company toward growth and a future dominated by technology and innovation. Each day on the exposition floor offers networking and peer-to-peer educational opportunities, as well as demonstrations from the top vendors in the industry. Take advantage of in-person discussions to educate yourself on innovative solutions because these solutions are driving our industry forward. Do not be left behind!


Do not miss this once-in-a-year opportunity to deepen relationships, strength your supply chain, educate yourself on new technology, and build a company that can take advantage of future opportunities. Allow us to meet with you at GlassBuild to help you grow your company’s potential and profits.


Reserve your meeting time ahead of opening day by signing up here or stop by the booth anytime while at GlassBuild for a meeting.


*This blog was originally written for the National Glass Association and was replicated on A+W's website for you to read.

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