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Interview with Dennis Tiegs, COO of A+W Clarity


Published on 12 August 2022

A+W has created a department whose sole focus is advancing innovations. Together with Dennis Tiegs, COO of the A+W Clarity Business Division, we take a look behind the scenes and learn what kind of "innovation fireworks" A+W is planning for glasstec 2022.

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GLASWELTA+W has a new department, one that focuses solely on advancing innovations. What is the focus there and what will you present at glasstec?

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Dennis Tiegs, COO A+W

Dennis Tiegs – Among other things, the focus will be on A+W Smart Companion, our platform for mobile solutions, which includes a rack inventory module, a stock module, and uncoupled from this, a "mobile inventory" module; We're moving away from pencil and paper and toward smartphones.

Furthermore, with A+W IoT, we want to better use the "Internet of Things" and the power of data for the flat glass industry, so that, for example, processors know better after how many meters of processing a tool is so worn that complaint-relevant quality defects occur. Whether or starting with which degree of contamination should the water in the washing machine be changed, or can this maintenance be delayed a few more days? Newer machines are already collecting very valuable information, and this trend will increase sharply. In addition, we will also present highlights of the A+W Smart Factory. This software controls production almost by itself, whereby the operator can intervene at any time.

GLASWELT Do you digitalize templates?

Dennis Tiegs – Yes, our digitalization tool A+W iShape detects shapes using pictures from a smartphone camera if special ruler measurement points are placed on the template. In just a few minutes, the data recorded is made available in .dxf format. Last but not least, visitors to our glasstec trade show booth can experience A+W in virtual space.

GLASWELT – With these solutions, the focal point is on digitalization. What are the specific benefits for glass processors and IG manufacturers of different sizes?

Dennis Tiegs –Now, digitalization is being taken to a whole new level. On the machines and in dispatch, where we already offer digital solutions with our terminals, we are now also using mobile solutions.
For employees, this means faster access to more information. And with A+W IoT, the added value for our users will be transparency, even in the first step. The whole process chain will be available in the data block, and it will be possible to view the details without a lot of research. Here, we are assuming that with A+W IoT, efficiency will continue to improve thanks to learning effects and data analyses. Better fine-tuning of maintenance intervals, tools, and even material selection will be the consequence. Another important topic is the lack of personnel. Our latest solutions will reduce the effects of this problem significantly.

Scalable partial automation to fully automatic production will help to compensate for personnel bottlenecks.

GLASWELT Are there also companies, smaller middle-sized companies, for example, that are coping well without or with less digitalization? What will these companies be able to expect from you in the future?

Dennis TiegsOf course there are smaller operations here, which can survive quite well with high value creation in niche areas of manufacturing operations. This will last until another already-digitalized operation can offer a less expensive product or one that offers greater value.

In the next few years, we will offer companies concepts for increasing their degree of digitalization in custom-tailored fashion in order to create true added value. With Osby Glas in Sweden, we already have a pilot customer; they are beginning to use digitalization with A+W Smart Factory in the form of partial automation.


GLASWELTWhat the industry needs now is sustainable solutions. How will A+W react to this?

Experience A+W in virtual space - find out what's behind it at glassstec.

Dennis Tiegs – As a software provider (, we have possibilities to reduce emissions and material consumption on the part of processors and insulated glass manufacturers. The topic of optimization is one of A+W's greatest strengths. Here, in addition to the optimization of entire operations, the concern is the optimization of individual processes. Thus, in addition to great expertise with regard to cutting optimization, our solutions also ensure improved furnace utilization, dispatch optimization, logistics and defect optimization, film optimization, and the optimization of set-up times for machine tools.

What's special about us: All of these optimization systems flow into A+W Smart Factory and therefore form the solution for sustainable and efficient production.

At glasstec, we will be in Hall 14, Booth E37. There, we will present the products we have mentioned here and much more, in detail.                                                                      

Matthias Rehberger posed the questions

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