Outlining the Benefits of E-commerce Software

Published on 21 February 2023

Customers are shifting to online shopping. To match this shift, consider an e-commerce solution to meet customers where they shop 24/7, online! According to Christy Chen, Project Manager at Value Windows & Doors, "A+W iQuote is like shopping on Amazon" because it allows their dealers to “simply go online, use A+W iQuote, and get their sales going.” Everything is at the dealer's fingertips 24/7.

E-commerce software solutions, such as A+W iQuote, is available at A+W Software for companies of all sizes allowing your dealers, salespeople, and/or internal order-entry employees to: 

  • Configure quotes
  • Place orders
  • Generate documentation
  • Communicate status

Let’s delve deeper into several benefits e-commerce software has that will positively disrupt your company. As you’ll see, these benefits are intertwined, which emphasizes the benefit of e-commerce software for your company.

  1. Provide Your Customers an Enhanced Experience
    You can engage your customer’s customers in the digital buying journey by giving dealers (your customers) more visibility into the ordering process when you employ e-commerce software solutions. E-commerce software solutions enable your dealers to obtain their documentation (e.g., order confirmation, order status, etc.) in real time via downloads. These features enable your dealers to order your product 24/7 and enhance the customer's user experience with your company, thus boosting customer sentiment. Additionally, this experience can be personalized allowing for an improved customer experience by making customers feel understood on a personal level, increasing the odds of brand loyalty.
  1. Save Time and Money
    By automating quotes, order-taking, and documentation tasks that can hinder staff productivity (e.g., order changes, quote revisions, and document preparation) and create system inefficiencies, you can save time and money by employing an up-front e-commerce software solution. Depending on the e-commerce solution for flat glass, window, and door fabricators you choose, the solution can deliver faster response times by reducing lag between order processing and production. It can also help you eliminate upfront delays (e.g., back/forth phone calls and emails with dealers about product/pricing/schedules). In reducing order-taking tasks by your front office, it allows your front office personnel to focus on higher intensity, higher margin projects/tasks.
Playing off the theme of saving time and money, let’s examine what one company says about using e-commerce software. CEO Joel Rosenqvist of Osby Glas explains that "With A+W iQuote, our customers can't make any more entry errors–anything that is ordered can actually be built.... There are no questions and time-consuming clarifications by telephone or e-mail. This is how we can achieve much greater efficiency in the entire order(ing) process." What exactly does this mean? "The Osby employees in Sales spend on average just 1 to 1.5 minutes on each A+W iQuote order, much less than with classic order entry," explains Rosenqvist.
  1. Your Dealer Only Needs the Internet to Place Their Orders
    Most e-commerce software solutions provide your dealers with greater flexibility and mobility without additional software. All your dealer should need is an Internet browser. That means your dealers can work with end customers on-site to test out product variations, prices, and additional options before creating a final, accurate quotation.
  1. Forward-Thinking and Innovative
    Online e-commerce software not only gives your company an additional sales channel, it also provides a competitive advantage. A+W iQuote is easy to use, and features rich, in-the-moment visualization capabilities that help your dealers' customers quickly understand their design options. It also reinforces the perception of your company as a progressive leader and an early adopter of state-of-the art technology. As such, it demonstrates that you are an early adopter of state-of-the art technology that complements the dealers’ and customer’s digital lifestyle. Again, it also solidifies you as customer friendly/first potentially leading to more sales through your technology-first software solution.
  2. Order Transfers
    Some versions of A+W iQuote (namely those for flat glass fabricators) allow your salespeople and dealers to forward orders to another site or dealer. What's this mean? After the order has been entered by the sales rep, they can transfer the order to another site/dealer. After the transfer, the order appears in the site/dealer list. This allows the dealer to change the order again and after processing, they can send the order to production or return it to the sales rep for confirmation.
  3. Different Glass Options
    During the online order process, A+W iQuote for Clarity (flat glass fabricators) allows your dealers and their customers to select different glass patterns, colors, and coatings. With a more dynamic e-commerce offering, A+W iQuote enables you to show your dealers and their customers the full breathe and depth of your glass offerings. Within A+W iQuote, there is also an option to select no pattern, color, or coating.

All of this is summarized by Gustavo Moreno, CEO of Inova, "A+W iQuote eliminates unproductive work. That saves time and money in order processing and results in shorter throughput times. Our customers' order behavior has changed a lot thanks to A+W iQuote. 40% of our orders today are received via A+W iQuote. We generate 60% of our revenue with these orders."

When you employ a mobile/web-based quotation and order entry system, such as A+W iQuote, that’s simple for flat glass, window, and door manufacturers/dealers to install; easy for customers to use; scalable and fully integrated into your production system, you’ve found a winning formula to succeed. With all of these benefits, is it time to consider an e-commerce software solution for your company?

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